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Stick one of these in your pants

In menswear on 16 July 2009 at 12:25 pm

I’ve been seeing Status Anxiety wallets around for a while but only recently found out that it’s an Australian brand started by a couple of guys in Cronulla. Props to them!

Status Anxiety 1

Status Anxiety 2

They’re designed to keep your wallet low-profile – if yours is stuffed with business cards, receipts, laminated photos and loyalty cards from every retailer, these could help cut the clutter and keep you in order.

Status Anxiety 3

The flip wallets are slimline and fun to use – just put your hard-earned on it, flip it around and it’s not going anywhere.

Status Anxiety 4

They’re a good-looking gift idea, too, packaged in reusable tin boxes and smart slip cases.

Prices normally run from $35 to $65, but for this week only there’s a 20% discount on everything through their online store. Sweet!

Details of stockists around Australia and in New Zealand here.

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  1. love status anxiety. have a few of their wallets myself!

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