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Guerilla knitting in Sydney with Magda Sayeg

In knitting, public art, street art on 14 July 2009 at 10:40 pm

Magda Sayeg, the founder of KnittaPlease, was in Sydney on Monday 13 July. Kollektor was invited to join her guerilla knitting posse for the day.

Here’s a gallery of images from the event, taken in the centre of Sydney’s business district, around the Opera House and at Bondi beach. Click here for a slideshow.

About KnittaPlease

Paint and texta graffiti are so passé. Instead of tagging with a sign, the KnittaPlease crew bomb with wool. Leggings, beanies and scarves for statues, striped warmers for poles and parking meters.

The crew from Houston, Texas, formed in August 2005 when PolyCotN and AKrylik were frustrated with their collection of unfinished projects. The first knitted tag was a doorknob cozy on a clothing store. The attention it attracted lead to more additions over the next few days, and guerilla knitting was born.

It’s street art with domestic origins, confounding the line between illegal vandalism and decoration. Where a spray-painter might find a freshly painted stretch of wall an irresistible canvas, Knitta Please feel the same about ordinary urban furniture, from bike racks to park benches.

KnittaPlease’s Sydney visit was hosted by Diecast Agency, who take Australian fashion brands and people to an international audience. Magda Sayeg’s visit is part of a cultural exchange program that offers Australian audiences the opportunity to rethink the ways we can use textiles.

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  1. Keep on yarn-bombing everywhere! I saw some of this in New York last year and have been following the “scene” ever since. Great stuff.

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